Thank-you, Technologists and Nonprofits!

After about a decade of community service through the Overnight Website Challenge, Nerdery Foundation made the decision in 2019 to discontinue its former initiative pairing volunteer technologists with nonprofits during a 24-hour hackathon. Subsequently, Nerdery Foundation’s board voted to dissolve the organization and donate its remaining assets to nonprofit orgs supporting diversity in tech.

While Nerdery Foundation was proud of the pro-bono work we were able to organize through the Overnight Website Challenge, the event was no longer a fit for parent-company Nerdery – so with that, The Overnight Website Challenge is now happily retired after a good life of service – more that 50,000 hours of professional services freely given to nonprofit organizations – and approximately $7 million in pro bono services donated.

While a basic website remains tremendously valuable to a nonprofit, Nerdery had evolved considerably as a company – moving well beyond building basic websites for small-to medium sized companies to the digital business consultancy Nerdery is today. For background, when Nerdery (then Sierra Bravo) started the Overnight Website Challenge in 2008, the event quickly came to define Nerdery as a company that gives back to our community. The Overnight Website Challenge made local impact by strengthening nonprofits serving our community simply providing the organizational structure for technologists to come together in volunteering their time and talent. A few years into the Challenge, Nerdery launched Nerdery Foundation to further this initiative and launch others – such as NerdKind – to further match volunteers and nonprofits on an ongoing basis.

As both a company and a former nonprofit foundation, we are proud of our philanthropic past. We now look to the future with new direction and intent to foster greater diversity in the tech industry. Much more to come on how Nerdery support women, people of color and young people.