The Nerdery - Overnight Website Challenge

Twin Cities 2011, March 26-27

Educate Tanzania

Educate Tanzania, Inc. is a Minnesota-based nonprofit organization that forms partnerships with people to share resources and professional expertise so that people in the developing areas of the world can have access to education, clean water and good health—things that we often take for granted. We are successful in our collaboration with local African leaders to help them provide resources that enable their schools to grow. And with school growth comes clean water, increased income, and improved health.

Our current partnership with the people of Northwest Tanzania in the large, remote and impoverished Karagwe District focuses on building KARUCO (Karagwe University College). This important partnership will provide a way for local Tanzanian youth to seek training, to earn a living and to contribute to their community instead of taking off for urban areas in hope of opportunity. It will also provide an alternative to early marriage (average age 18). In Minnesota, we administrate the program, solicit donations, and help locate architects, engineers, builders; curriculum designers, educators; and communications experts to help shape the university and tell the story of an incredible partnership that benefits generations to come. The Karagwe University project is the way in which the Minnesota-Tanzania partnership can grow and sustain economic development, intellectual capacity and support services for an entire community. It is self-sustaining and a win-win.


1. Locate funds for an architect to design KARUCO (using indigenous materials).

2. Leverage resources for buildings, windmills, solar panels, water systems, academic personnel, & curricula.

3. Empower local people to use their own resources and to not rely on outside sources only.

4. Design a support, delivery, assessment and exit plan.

5. Locate funds to support vision trip exchanges between Tanzania and Minnesota with select individuals from energy, media, education, NASA, etc.

6. Locate funds to promote Karagwe University through media, presenting why the university is needed and to later, tell the story.

Partners from Minnesota understand that the vision for KARUCO belongs to the people of this extremely isolated and impoverished place, who realize better than anyone that it is only through the education of their own people that they can change their circumstances for the better. The people of Karagwe ask only for our help.

But we need a website.

What new functionality we are looking for

We cannot continue to carry out our mission without a website. A functional and flexible website would provide ways to:

• Inform

o Who we are; Mission, Goals, Connections to Minnesota

o Partners and Supporters (links and recognition)

o History of Successes (tell the story)

o Reach broader range of people

• Contribute

o Donate directly to the project

o Set up individual fund-raising events (wii Build Tanzania)

o Invite to Annual Fund-raising event and Annual “Walk for TZ”

• Communicate

o Provide a stable communication platform with the KARUCO team in Karagwe

o Keep in touch with others around the world interested in KARUCO

o Learn the latest as the project is developed

o Integrate with social media – FB and Twitter

o Infuse excitement, build momentum and seek broad participation

• Volunteer

o Apply to volunteer in Tanzania

o Sign up to volunteer ‘here’

• Administrate

o Relieve administrative burden

 Provide a place for those involved to log in and build an online community (Tanzanian and Minnesota partners; subcontractors; volunteers, donors)

o On-line forms

o Routine tasks done online

o Provide transparency and access for funders and others

Both funding and a lack of an opportunity have made the development of a website impossible to date. You can check out our (pretty lame) Facebook page however.!/pages/Educate-Tanzania/139015692808831

How the new functionality will help

The lack of a website makes communication difficult. OK, impossible. What our team of volunteers is doing in person can be done via a solid website.

The Nerdery can help us develop a website that will be the conduit for guiding and funneling resources to Educate Tanzania, will help facilitate routine communication and program administration, and will become the ‘place’ to get the most up-to-date information. In addition to providing a way in which people can make financial contributions to Educate Tanzania, the people of NW Tanzania need “intellectual capital” – the gifts and abilities that the people in Minnesota have in abundance – and would provide gratis – if they only knew how. The website will educate and inform site visitors as to specific actions they can take to help build KARUCO. The Nerdery can help make this happen by moving us from having no web presence right into the 21st century!

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

Before & After Snapshots

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46 Messages from Supporters

2011-02-01 17:35:51 UTC
David Willey, MD

This is a most worthwhile project that endeavors to bring education and sustained support for continued improvement for the lives of those living in a remote area and who have not had reliable resources available to them. I know the organizers to be professional and reliable and well connected to make this network a reality.

2011-02-01 18:06:57 UTC
Jason Menken

As a senior engineering student at the University of St. Thomas, I was given the opportunity to travel to Tanzania in January, 2008 and visit the site this project is taking place at. Our group aimed to help a different issue, but I was able to see this project begin to take shape and I can tell you that the vision, the people, and the plan in place are all very worthwhile. With the proper support from all of us this project could make a huge impact on the people of Tanzania. Education is something every developing child needs and we often take that fact for granted because it is so available to us. After seeing this site in Tanzania, it is very clear that a proper education, especially at a collegiate level, is either not available or can't be afforded. This program aims to fix that and is off to a great start, but could use help from all of us. Please offer to support in any way that you can!

2011-02-01 22:16:02 UTC
Anne Queenan

I'm a producer who met Jan while I was in management at Twin Cities Public Television. She was a client and we thoroughly enjoyed brainstorming and writing a grant together with her colleague for an STEM-related youth project. The trust and professional relationship has only grown since then. I have chosen to produce media as a tool for strong communities, when I can. It's an honor to be affiliated with Jan Hansen and her husband, Steve. High integrity, excellent credentials and contagious warm hearts - all the way around. Similarly, it was a high honor to meet one of the top community leaders from Karagwe this summer. There's a leader who gets things done for his community. The growing network of professionals and organizations here and in TZ is powerful. The need to coordinate and publicly communicate these levels of activity is pressing. Within reach are sustainable benefits from higher education in the Kagera District of Tanzania, ones that fight poverty, build community and empower. I'll be in Dar es Salaam producing radio stories and consulting on media with a youth focus. My goal is to meet the people in this community of the Karagwe District very soon to produce a video that starts to tell their story of KARUCO.

A centralized website for Educate Tanzania, its video and various efforts, is an essential tool.

2011-02-01 22:45:10 UTC
Dr. Curt Larson, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin - River Falls

As chair of our Service and Mission Committee at Ezekiel Lutheran Church in River Falls, WI, I have had the pleasure of meeting Jan and her husband, Steve, and working with them on their Karagwe projects. They have been to Karagwe to assess the needs there and are absolutely in tune with them. They have the Karagwe people in their hearts and have their goals set to help in the best way they can. They deserve the support of all good people who care about those in need. You can be assured that any donations received in the KARUCO project will be used honestly and efficiently. I know that we intend to support the project financially and in prayer.

2011-02-02 18:31:02 UTC
Duane "Digger" Carey, NASA Astronaut (Former)

I first met Dr. Jan Hansen about two years ago. At that time, she eagerly shared her vision for the Karagwe region with me and I was smitten. I've long believed that the path to successful development in impoverished rural areas of Africa starts at the education of the girls and young women of the region. And, Dr. Hansen's activities in Karagwe have, among other things, targeted the education of local girls and young women. This project has my full support and will make our entire world a better place.

I lend this project my most hearty endorsement!

2011-02-03 00:24:00 UTC
Andre Trawick

In January of 2008 I traveled with a team of student engineers with the goal of creating a sustainable water pasteurization system. We all learned how essential water is to life in Tanzania, especially for Karagwe. While in Tanzania we learned about one tool to help solve the basic problem of creating a reliable source of water for Karagwe- education. By giving Tanzania the gift of knowledge we would enable everyone to better provide for themselves.

Without Educate Tanzania the citizens of Karagwe and greater Tanzania would not have the tools necessary to help them help themselves. The educational programs created by Educate Tanzania better enable them to take control of their future. The future of Karagwe was promising before we arrived in January 2008, but now with the creation of Educate Tanzania we are one step closer towards that promise.

I can't wait! :^)

2011-02-03 01:59:22 UTC
Jill Wall, Educator

Educate Tanzania is a great initiative and has already made a huge difference in the lives of many people. But it desperately needs a website so that others can participate and watch the progress of this amazing project. The website will make this project a global initiative as others can join in with support. The leaders of the project are passionate about providing resources to help the schools grow-and to create opportunities for all.

2011-02-03 04:22:34 UTC
Bernard Amadei, Director Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities

Jan and Steve Hansen have a vision to bring education and hope to a community in Tanzania. They need help in bringing that vision to reality and a lot of support. The web site will bring visibility to their project and encourage others to contribute to it.

Education brings hope and much needed skills to a developing community. It helps create a brighter future for the next generation. Karagwe College will be that place in a remore region of Tanzania where a new generation of leaders will be created.

Building a college also requires resources and infrastructure. Capacity at the local level needs to be built and strengthened through local skills and external assitance. Jan and Steve are aware of the challenges facing them in getting those resources. The web site will help in provding the support in that matter.

Many thanks to Jan and Steve for their vision and for making the world a better place, one community at a time.

2011-02-03 07:49:15 UTC
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2011-02-03 17:12:33 UTC
Dan Edgerton, Water Resource Engineer

Those of us who were blessed to have been born in a place of educational and economic opportunities have a moral responsibility to help those who have not had such advantages. The KARUCO project is a tremendous opportunity to help young people in Karagwe receive higher education and with it to achieve sustainable prosperity.

Thank you to Jan and Steve Hansen and Educate Tanzania for initiating and working so hard to realize this vision, and for allowing others such as myself to contribute our skills and knowledge to the effort.

2011-02-03 17:13:30 UTC
Elizabeth Ekstrand, Board of Directors, Lighthouse Ministries International & the ELIMU Foundation

I believe that Jan and Steve are fully committed and passionate about making education a possibility for many youth in Tanzania who would otherwise be susceptible to a life of poverty and marginalization.

Education is fundamental to overcoming poverty as it has such a profound and positive impact on children's lives and a community’s future. Experience has taught us, that educating children and involving parents and community leaders is key to sustaining lasting change and building healthy societies.

It is absolutely imperative that we support such noble organizations and people that are partnering with communities around the world to truly drive positive global change.

You have my VOTE!!

2011-02-03 19:42:18 UTC
Boniface and Sandy Karanja, Co-Founders of Lighthouse Ministries International in Kenya.

Jan and Steve know the importance of education and have made it their mission in life to reach out to developing countries and provide opportunites which will bring hope for a better future.

Being from the United States, education is very much taken for granted, and not appreciated or desired as much as those who are living in poverty.

What they are doing is making a huge difference in the world, not only globally, but also to those who are given the opportunity to partner with them and share their gifts and talents.

Thank you for continuing to make your vision become reality for so many people.

2011-02-04 03:02:12 UTC
Christel Ngani, Software Engineer at Terrapin Technologies, Graduate Student in Software Engineering at University of St. Thomas MN, USA

It's a matter of pride and honor for me to support this valuable initiative of Jan and Steve Hansen.
I was born and grew up in Africa where the challenge of quality education is as crucial as the challenge of poverty and economic crisis.
From the stand-point of a person who grew up in a less privileged community, I strongly believe that this project will bring a new source of strength to generations of Africans who are longing for better education.
Supporting this project is participing to making the whole world a better place where Africans are not only receivers but independent thinkers and visionary leaders.

-- A thousand mile journey begins with the first step. --Conficius

2011-02-04 14:21:01 UTC
Donna & Rob Enersen

We are supporters of the efforts to bring education to Tanzania. In miles, Tanzania is so far away, but in this age of technology, we can feel solidarity with and love for the people of Tanzania through connections made on a website. We can see pictures of the people - they are beautiful beyond words; we can be aware of the most pressing needs to meeting the goal of putting knowledge, books, teachers, and schools in Tanzania; it will melt our hearts together and give us the stories of our brothers and sisters in Tanzania; it will increase our global understanding; it will bring results. Please do what is necessary to give us all this way of being together.

2011-02-04 20:59:21 UTC
Reverend Dennis Dease, president, University of St. Thomas

The goals of Educate Tanzania unite us as a global family in a determined effort to rise above our challenges. That determination inspires hope, then confidence and success. In the end, not only will Educate Tanzania work to alleviate physical poverty, but to banish a poverty of spirit. Thank you, Jan and Steve, for leading the way.

2011-02-07 15:11:59 UTC

This wonderful group needs a website to carryout its important work. You couldn't find a more dedicated team and effort to invest in.

2011-02-07 20:54:14 UTC
Lori Duzan

What we take for granted in this country, so many around the world have so little access to. I believe that Educate Tanzania can be the catalyst for raising the funds needed to develope that remote area of Tanzania, equiping them to raise and educate the leaders of tomorrow. Even though I believe that building the university is just the start, the need for a free website would be one of the key tools in bringing Educate Tanzania to the next phase of it's developement. If you gave this organization this tool to help it grow, I know you will be pleasantly surprised at your return.
Thanks and God bless!!

2011-02-07 21:19:42 UTC
Lori Hansen

I have personally contributed donations to Educate Tanzania, and will continue to support it monetarily. This organization is doing great things empowering girls through education in Tanzania. It is a respectful grass roots organization changing the world, one corner at a time and it needs a web site to continue doing good things for our planet.

2011-02-07 21:44:28 UTC
Carol Riese, Community Care Coordinator, Westwood Community Church

Jan and Steve's efforts and hard work for Educate Tansania are amazing. They are truly making something out of nothing.

We all know the importance of education; Jan and Steve are working to make education a reality for the young woman of Karanja. I have seen pictures of the hill where they have a vision to build a University. A website where thousands could see that hill and catch the vision of a University would do so much to make their vision a reality.

Steve and Jan's passion for Tanzania and it's people should inspire us all. I have supported their efforts and will continue to do so - This is a most worthwhile project.

2011-02-08 01:06:54 UTC
Steve Lay

I fully support the efforts of Educate Tanzania. The rural areas of Tanzania are in desperate need of resources, education and empowerment. The mission of this organization is close to my heart as I have seen first hand the need for assistance in this country as well as the wonderful love that its people exhibit.

2011-02-08 01:45:03 UTC
Charlotte Turner

Educate Tanzania is such a fantastic effort being put forth by people who are truly amazing! This organization is creating such a wonderful opportunity for girls in Tanzania. A website is the least of what is deserved for this truly one of a kind wonderment.

2011-02-08 03:49:55 UTC
Mara Allgood, Educator

Everyone always says, "I wish I could change the world." By supporting this amazing cause, you can help change the world and make it a better place. A website would allow us all to witness the growth and success of this project as well as offer continued support. This is it! It's your time to make the difference! Seize the day!

2011-02-08 04:27:07 UTC
Mark Bendell

Educate Tanzania is a strategic move in an important part of the developing world among an influential group of people - young women and men who need a "hand up" out of poverty to impact their country for good. Steve and Jan Hansen in particular are solid leaders with servant hearts and passion to make a difference. I'm glad to be a part of their work.

2011-02-08 06:30:03 UTC
Erasto M Kamihanda, General Secretary ELCT Karagwe Diocese

For us KARUCO is a very big long term socio-economic investment for the people of Karagwe and Tanzania. The realization of KARUCO vision calls for multibranch efforts. "Educate Tanzania" non profit organization, spearheaded by KARUCO ambassadors in the USA is a brilliant, timely and sustainable intervention that will help us in achieving the KARUCO vision, for the benefit of the marginalized Tanzanian communities. Please join hands!

2011-02-08 10:43:48 UTC
Yoram Karusya

It takes some kind of thoughts, ideas and commitment of many in Tanzania for realization of KARUCO vision. Yes, of course! It takes some kind of individuals’ involvement. It’s great to have you “Educate Tanzania” as KARUCO ambassadors in the US.

2011-02-08 10:50:22 UTC
Yoram Karusya, Co-worker of the United Evangelical Mission, Wuppertal Germany

It takes some kind of thoughts, ideas and commitment of many in Tanzania for realization of KARUCO vision. Yes, of course! It takes some kind of individuals’ involvement. It’s great to have you “Educate Tanzania” as KARUCO ambassadors in the US.

2011-02-08 13:18:15 UTC

Educate Tanzania is for us here in Karagwe.It is hard to imagine that this hitherto mustard seed vision is attracting many and more friends.The conditions in our area warrant a light in the darkness;the high ignorance levels,poverty,women/girl child rights abuse,and the appalling infrastructure are just some of the problems we face.WE HAVE GREAT HOPES IN KARUCO.For our ambassadors Jan & Steve,thank you for all your endeavors to publicize our plight,starting with this overnight website.We look forward to more generous hearts.

2011-02-08 18:48:45 UTC
Karen B. Rogers

I think the focus of "Educate Tanzania" is remarkable and yet within reach of all those who share their willingness to contribute time, expertise, funding, and resources. My hope is that the idea of "educate" will go beyond the more traditional view of a university education and focus on usable skills as well as theoretical and/or practical knowledge. The "curriculum" of this university has the potential to be cutting edge in this increasingly global society. The opportunity here to create this curriculum from scratch is exciting in its potential to influence future generations of Tanzanian citizens. I look forward to being a part of it.

2011-02-08 19:31:45 UTC
Thomas M. Johnston, Attorney at Law

It is an honor to be associated with Educate Tanzania and its support of KARUCO. While I have worked with many groups before who have had good and noble intentions, this group is unique in the energy and expertise it is bringing together to make educational opportunities available for the people living in and near Karagwe, Tanzania. By tearing down barriers, providing meaningful learning opportunities, and giving students the freedom to explore their dreams, I know that this organization will change Tanzania for the better, along with the rest of us living in this interconnected world.

"No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main..." John Donne (1572-1631).

Keep up the good work!

2011-02-08 20:53:32 UTC
Gregg Rutter

Jan and Steve Hansen are the uncommon people who work hard for the common good of others. Their effort has already helped transform lives in a big way in a small remote district in northwestern Tanzania. Determining and recognizing the need for such basics as clean water and health care, they identified education as a keystone in reaching sustainable achievements that will benefit the community, establish stability, and transform lives.

I believe that education transforms people’s lives and communities. I believe that education has the power to define freedom, awareness, compassion, personal realization, and nourish community standards.

Jan and Steve are now leading the effort to establish the Karagwe College University (KARUCO) as a fundamental way to address the community needs of health, energy, economy, and education. I am proud to be lending a hand in that effort!

An essential tool is needed now to further the KARUCO project: a website. A website will bring the power of increased communication and awareness that will assist the KARUCO project in more rapidly becoming a reality.

Supporting KARUCO through “Educate Tanzania” will positively impact and transform lives for the common good of humankind.

2011-02-08 21:02:37 UTC

I think it's amazing what they are doing to help the people of Tanzania! I think a website would help increase awareness in hopes that more people will do what they can to help others.

Great job to those who are working so hard to make others aware!

2011-02-09 02:57:57 UTC
Donald Barnes

I went to Karaagwe, Tanzania in 2000 to attempt to help the Lutheran Synod in that area with their approach to administration. I found an area in Kaisho that I felt needed an elementary school. The local people were very willing to help with the construction.

St. John's Lutheran Church members in Eau Claire, Wisconsin were supportive of the idea. Donations were sought and people were generous. People from other churches contributed as well.

The school is now completed along with dormitories, a library, dining hall and houses for the teachers.

Each year money is sent to support about 15 students to attend school and board for one year. Money is also sent to support 15-20 girls to attend high school and board for the year.

The opportunity to continue their education beyond high school would really enhance their educational program. I believe education really helps to build a stronger community.

A website would help to tell the story of the effort that is being made. It would help to involve more people.

2011-02-09 22:38:04 UTC
Tom Knowles

As a student on the original trip, I witnessed the incredible potential for positive change in the Karagwe District. This project aims at the heart of improvement, inspiring the minds of leaders of the future and giving them the tools to make change a reality. There is no better way of sustainably improving the lives of others than empowering them, and there is no place more deserving of this opportunity. The tremendous leadership of this project will ensure its success.

2011-02-09 13:21:37 UTC
Dr. Brighton Juel Katabaro, Coordinator for the Establishment of KARUCO

KARUCO will provide an opportunity of higher education even to the young poor people in Karagwe who otherwise could never dream of a university education.
The work that you, Jan and Steve, are doing toward transforming the lives of people living in this corner of the world is very great and worthy praising.
You are truly KARUCO ambassadors and we appreciate all your initiatives.
Yes, we really need a website that will move our dream forward, and I strongly believe that the Nerdery can help us to develop the best website we need!

2011-02-10 02:24:46 UTC
John Price, Community/World Ministry Chair at St. John's Lutheran Church in Eau Claire, WI

Young women will now have a better opportunity for higher education in the Karagwe Diocese. Great strides have been made at the elementary and high school levels but this will be an educational goal sought after by many young women.

2011-02-10 22:44:58 UTC
Jean-Pierre Bongila

I support the project and pray for its complete implementation and outstanding success. Blessings upon all who are working to make this become a reality.

2011-02-11 16:10:38 UTC
Tim Remington, Communications Director, Westwood Community Church, Chanhassen, MN

I have been to sub-Saharan Africa and seen the impact that generational poverty and lack of education has had on village populations. I have met children raising their siblings because their parents had died of HIV/AIDS. I have met women widowed by AIDS scraping out a subsistence living for their families from the dry African soil because they have no other choices. I have also witnessed the difference that education and training bring and the lift it brings to families and communities. Steve and Jan are outstanding leaders with caring, compassionate hearts. They are worthy of support.

As a Communications Director, I also know the difference that a website can make for an organization. In today's highly integrated world, it is the hub for information about and engagement with this amazing project in Tanzania. It can integrate with Facebook updates, YouTube videos and other social media to help people experience the realities of life in Karagwe.It can be both the funnel for funds and the story telling avenue for how those funds are making a difference in the lives of real people.

2011-02-12 02:32:35 UTC
Joshua Kohn, Science Teacher - Saint Paul Public Schools

I give my full support and recommendation for the Educate Tanzania project to receive a fully functional, professional website through this challenge. This project is extremely worthwhile, and deserves to have more public support and a new website would certainly help achieve that goal.
I have been on several mission trips around the world in the past, but have not yet had the humbling privilege of accompanying a team to Tanzania on a KARUCO trip. My wife and I are hoping to join a team in the near future to promote education and goodwill to those in need. Improving education is the best solution to addressing and eliminating the world's poverty, hunger, and clean water issues.
I personally know the passion that Jan Hansen has for educating others, as she was one of the many professors at the University of St. Thomas who did such a wonderful job of preparing me for the teaching profession. I am just honored to know such a great educator, and to join her and her husband in promoting the Educate Tanzania project.

2011-02-12 23:06:33 UTC
Payton Zemke- High School Student

I recently became a part of this project and I have already seen so many things being planned and implemented in order to make this dream happen.

The people of Tanzania are so kind and inspirational. Some organizations that try to help them, though, take control and do things the “America” way. But not this one. Educate Tanzania builds schools with local resources and hires local people in a way that will support Tanzania in the long run.

Tanzanians and especially the children of Tanzania should have this opportunity to education. A website will surely be a great start and help to this opportunity.

2011-02-14 23:59:20 UTC
Maggie Graham

When I traveled to Tanzania almost ten years ago now, I fell in love with its people, wildlife, landscape, and the unexplained beautiful spirit its land radiates.

I want to always find ways to help this region of the world because I met so many Tanzanians that desperately want access to resources that come so easily to people in developed countries.

After recently meeting Jan Hansen and learning about Educate Tanzania, I was immediately excited about her project and know there is a great need for it. I could see her dedication and passion as well - a common energy I find when I meet others who have been to Africa.

Helping people help themselves is in my opinion the best way to make lasting improvements, and is exactly what Educate Tanzania aims to do!

I feel fortunate to have met Jan and plan to contribute to Educate Tanzania in whatever way I can - I hope you do too!

2011-02-15 16:57:55 UTC
Tom Herrmann

All the pieces are in place for Educate Tanzania to change the lives of people who desperately need our help. The people of Tanzania have donated money and their infectious enthusiasm to create a University for the people. Local Tanzania social service organizations are lined up to help. People of good will from around the world want to make this happen. The project is ready to go, but for the lack of a website.

A website will make ALL the difference. A website will guide and educate people who wish to help. A website will show people of good will all of the myriad ways that they can contribute to making this project happen. A website will also assist people in taking the next step -- whatever that might be for them. And a website will allow people in Africa and around the world to come together to make Educate Tanzania a reality. Do it!

2011-02-16 14:44:39 UTC
Charles Lugemwa, Director of Hope Medical Clinics, Kampala Uganda

It is an honor for me and my family to know you and to be a part of the great things you are doing to change the world. It is a blessing to be associated with the KARUCO project.

2011-02-16 14:48:54 UTC
Dr. Benson Bagonza, Bishop; Karagwe District, Tanzania

Without education, there is no aid that can bring a real and a lasting change for the poor people living in the remote areas like Karagwe. The only aid that one can give the people of Karagwe is the best education, and that is the main goal of KARUCO. Being a centre for the environmental studies, KARUCO will help the people of Karagwe to use renewable sources of energy (like wind and solar power) that are environmental friendly. KARUCO will provide an opportunity of higher education even to the young poor people in Karagwe who otherwise could never dream of a university education. KARUCO will boost up the intellectual capacity amongst the people of Tanzania, and Karagwe in particular, who will in turn help to boost up and sustain the socio-economic development of our country. Since development has come to mean freedom, KARUCO will provide movement towards reduction of unfreedoms.

KAD (Karagwe Diocese) and people of Tanzania believe that for realization of KARUCO vision, a stable launching pad is needed. “Educate Tanzania”, a non-profit organization is the best and viable launching pad, spearheaded by KARUCO ambassadors in the US. Supporting KARUCO through “Educate Tanzania” will ensure a long lasting affinity between KARUCO and network of supporters. KARUCO task force and the KAD endorses “Educate Tanzania” efforts because they are both transparent and sustainable.

2011-02-16 21:35:04 UTC
Mary Pleiss

I write curriculum for an educational organization that provides teaching materials to schools in a number of countries, including Tanzania, but all our efforts to educate these children won't mean much if their most basic needs aren't met. It took a trip to Uganda in 2006 to drive home to me how utterly spoiled we are in this part of the world in terms of the availability of clean, usable water. The efforts of Educate Tanzania to bring water to the people of Tanzania are so very important; I hope you will support them as they build their organization.

Mary Pleiss
Opportunity Education

2011-02-18 19:09:52 UTC
Jeff Prieve, Sr. Software Engineer

In Todays media, we're often bombarded with ads depicting starving children in urgent need of food and shelter. We feel compelled to give, knowing the urgency of the situation. It's ok to help in these situations, but it doesn't address the long term problem of helping them to a better future for themselves.

Jan & Steves work will help prepare & educate the people of Tanzania to prevent unemployment and underemployment, and sustain a better and more educated future for the people. A website is an abosolutely necessary communication tool in today's global economy to help facilitate the Hanson's efforts.

2011-02-27 16:58:10 UTC

Being a native of Karagwe I have witnessed for myself poverty in its lowest levels as a result of lack of education and I know for sure that the ones who suffer most are women. Most girls who grow up in poor families don't go to school completely and as a result most girls my age have no dreams for their lives other than getting married. The world just doesn't know how much its losing because most of these girls would be able to contribute to development if they were equipped.

Since agriculture is mostly the only economic option for a living in Tanzania, if people were trained with skills on how to do their best with the little they have, the dream of development would become a reality.

And though Educate Tanzania through KARUCO are more than determined to make a significant difference in Karagwe, the task isn't a one-man's job. Hence a website is indeed needed to gather willing supporters. I think Educate Tanzania are elligible for the professiional website your offering,they have my full support.

Plus,having a professional website will surely show the world how determined and serious Educate Tanzania are in their mission, and provide a means for anyone to help. I can't wait to see KARUCO in existence and I see myself as a future professor there one day.

Our Mission

Educate Tanzania partners with the most effective businesses, government, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) in Minnesota, Africa, the U.S. and Europe in order to bring education, water and health to remote and needy areas in the developing world.