The Nerdery - Overnight Website Challenge

Twin Cities 2011, March 26-27

Core members of the team met through a local user group for Concrete5 Content Management System. Upon learning more about the Overnight Website Challenge, coworkers and associates with diverse and elite skill sets were recruited to round-out the team. We are a group of extremely talented web professionals with a passion for the Internet and the skills to do some good with it. Our team has a combined industry experience of 68 years. That's almost 7 decades. We consider ourselves to be pretty awesome.

Although many of us have worked together in the Twin Cities area, this challenge will represent the first time we have all come together as a group for a single unified project. We are confident in our individual strengths and in our ability to blend those strengths for the greater good. We all share the understanding that the key to making any structure strong whether it is a house, a skyscraper, a team or even a web site is a sturdy base. We know that the Concrete5 CMS is the best foundation we can give our non-profit's site and with that we have no doubt that the finished product will be glorious.

We are very talented leaders, developers, designers, strategists with more than enough nerdliness to go around. We are downright decent guys.

Support Commitment has made the following pledge of continued support to any nonprofit they may be paired with:

We are using a very intuitive and easy to learn CMS. With a little ongoing training time each month (donated), the client should be able to handle minor modifications themselves, minimizing the need for support requests. However, our team is willing to commit fully to helping our non-profit with their site should the need arise.

We have setup a special Gmail account for our non-profit to send support requests to. All support members of the team will check that account and will come together to address issues as needed.

The team has committed to four hours of phone support each month if needed.

Our team is committed to supporting our non-profit for as long as it takes them to become comfortable with editing their site on their own.

We offer free upgrades to the core software (initiated by the software itself via version checks) and any add-ons developed for the site as they're released.

We will also recommend that our non-profit creates a free account in the Concrete5 community to open up wider support opportunities.

9 of 10 Possible Members

  • Thumbnail_jeremy-1

    Jeremy Werst / jeremywerst


    QA / Backend Dev / Frontend Dev / Strategy +

  • Thumbnail_lucas

    Lucas Anderson / LucasAnderson


    Frontend Dev / Backend Dev / QA / UX/IA +

  • User_avatar_thumbnail

    Dan Spaur


    QA / Strategy / Graphic Design / Copywriting +

  • Thumbnail_aaron2010-150

    Aaron Weiche / AaronWeiche


    Project Mgmt / Strategy / Copywriting / QA +

  • Thumbnail_photo

    Perry Govier / perrygovier


    UX/IA / Backend Dev / Frontend Dev / Strategy +

  • User_avatar_thumbnail

    Jeff Wagner / jw_design


    Project Mgmt / Strategy / Frontend Dev / UX/IA +

  • Thumbnail_qrface

    Benjamin Schuster / ben_schuster


    Graphic Design / UX/IA / Frontend Dev / Strategy +

  • User_avatar_thumbnail

    Alan Kremer


    QA / Strategy / Project Mgmt / Copywriting +

  • User_avatar_thumbnail

    Andrew Gilbert


    Copywriting / QA / UX/IA / Strategy +

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